COVID-19 in the Nordic countries
Confirmed cases in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland

Deaths in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland

The only curve in Sweden which is flat or maybe pointing down is the green one: the number of recovered!

Comparison between two countries with opposite strategies, and the ... most popular conclusion
South Korea was hit one month earlier than Sweden, the number of inhabitants there is 5 times greater than Sweden, the population density there is 501 / kmē, ie 22 times higher than Sweden. The number of inhabitants in the capital Seoul equals the entire population of Sweden. The population density there is 16,000 / kmē .... Yet we have 7 times as many sick and 8,5 times more dead from the same virus Covid-19. Who bears the responsibility? Flock immunity without vaccine hardly, but impunity and penalty immunity without vaccine, our 'authorities' certainly have plenty of.