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Saudiska staten finansierar moské i Göteborg
Saudi government invests 50 milion Swedish Crowns to build a mosque in Guthenberg

För första gången bekostar ett annat land bygget av en moské i Sverige. Det är den saudiska staten som finansierar bygget på Hisingen i Göteborg - ca 50 000 000 kronor!    

Sveriges Television 27/11 18:27



Saudi Arabia uses public beheading as the punishment for murder, rape, drug trafficking, sodomy and armed robbery, apostasy and certain other offences such as homosexuality illicit love affairs of Saudi girls (one Saudi princess was beheaded for illicit love). 45 men and 2 women were beheaded in 2002 and a further 52 men and 1 woman in 2003. The condemned of both sexes are given tranquillisers and then taken by police van to a public square or a car park after midday Friday prayers. Their eyes are covered and they are blindfolded. The police clear the square of traffic and a sheet of blue plastic sheet about 16 feet square is laid out on the ground. Dressed in their own clothes, barefoot, with shackled feet and hands cuffed behind their back, the prisoner is led by a police officer to the centre of the sheet where they are made to kneel facing Mecca. An Interior Ministry official reads out the prisoner's name and crime to the crowd of witnesses. Saudi Arabia also cut (Chopping) hands and feet of the thieves. And Saudi does this as per Islamic code and tradition.

Killing by Beheading is Islamic!